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Welcome to Golden Fields Elementary!
Home of the Gladiators

Golden Fields welcomes you to a safe environment of learning for students in preschool through sixth grades. With some of the best teachers anywhere, the students are in good care. The focus is on best practices for tier 1 instruction.  That includes constant feedback, promoting learning with deep questions, and interventions for students on all levels. Students will learn how to build appropriate relationships from character education and safety training, take ownership of their learning, and feel the value of accomplishing hard things.

Golden Fields Reopening Plan

Virtual Back to School 

  • Some time later this week, after teacher assignments are visible in Skyward Family Access - please find your teacher in the Faculty/Staff section of our website
  • Select the "Virtual Back to School" link to access a welcome back video from your teacher along with supply lists and other helpful information

Device Checkout for Online & 1st Grade Students Only

  • If you are a 1st grader or are attending school all online and need to checkout a Chromebook from the school to access learning from home please submit this google form
  • Pick up times for those devices will be Friday, September 4 from 10-11:30 and Friday, September 11 from 10-11

Fridays for In-School Students

  • Teachers will be providing students with independent activities to work on at home on Fridays when they are not working directly with their teacher
  • Teachers will be providing additional help/support between the hours of 11-2 each Friday for some students (most of the instruction and support will occur virtually from home on Fridays, but on-site services will be available based on need)
  • Teachers will initiate and coordinate with families times on Fridays for those additional support sessions based on need, but parents/guardians should also feel comfortable reaching out to the teacher for identified needs/concerns
  • Once permission slips have been signed - students in 2nd-6th grades will be able to take home their issued Chromebooks for use at home on Fridays
  • Students in 1st grade needing a device to access virtual learning on Fridays may request to pick one up by completing the following google form
  • Lunch will be provided on Fridays in a Grab’n Go format from 11:00-12:00 (note that families will be charged their standard rate for Friday meal service) Lunches may be picked up from inside the lunchroom, entering from the west door near bike rack. 

GFE Lunch Count

  • Please submit a response for each student in your family that needs a school lunch today prior to 9:30 a.m. Only online students complete this daily M-TH and ALL students will complete this for Friday lunch pickup.
  • Please note that we prefer that you submit the form prior to 9:30 a.m to help us better plan our meal count, but meal service will always be provided students who come in even if they didn't place a digital request earlier in the day.
  • Procedures:
    • M-TH (11:50-12:10): Parents can pull up in front drop off lane (east). Online students will come in through front doors. Will walk to cafeteria to pick up Grab'n Go Lunch and will then exit through the front doors to waiting vehicle. 
    • F (11:00-12:00): Parents can pull up in north drop off lane. Students will enter lunchroom from the west door near bike rack. They will then walk back to waiting car in north lane to waiting vehicle.