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Safe Walking Routes

Students can become a Safety Super Hero by following the safety tips in this video!

Tips for walking or biking to school safely.

Golden Fields' Safe Walking Routes map

Safety Guidelines:

  • It is recommended that students walk in groups.
  • Only cross at crosswalks or at stop signs where cars are coming to a complete stop.
  • Be Attentive.
  • Find and consistently use the safest walking route for your family.

Students in neighborhoods north of South Jordan Parkway and east of Split Rock Drive make their way to Vermillion Drive and proceed west, toward Otter Trail Drive. Cross Otter Trail at the three-way stop. Head north on Otter Trail, making an immediate left onto Bear Trap Drive, and continuing west toward the school.

Students south of South Jordan Parkway and east of Fish Hook Stream will follow Fish Hook Road using the underpass at South Jordan Parkway and continuing north to Vermillion Drive.

Students in neighborhoods south of South Jordan Parkway and west of Fish Hook Stream and Lake Avenue will make their way to Split Rock Drive, cross with the crossing guard at South Jordan Parkway, and continue on Split Rock Drive toward the school.

Students in the developments west of Split Rock Drive and north of South Jordan Parkway will go east to find Kestrel Rise Rd then turn east on Nokasippi Lane (This is the street immediately south of the Middle School and Elementary school field) or Split Rock Drive, and turn north on Split Rock Drive toward the school.

Students in the Wood Ranch area will follow the nearest road east to 4800 West, turning south and walking on the west side of 4800 West to the crossing guard at 10200 South. They will continue south on Silver Mine Road and turn onto Vermillion Drive to head west toward the school.