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Volunteers are required to:

  1. View annual “Code of Conduct” training video (27:39) then sign the form acknowledging that you have viewed it.
  2. Show the completed “Code of Conduct Volunteer Acknowledgement Form” * to the school’s front office along with a completed annual “Volunteer Application Form”. *
  3. Once steps 1 and 2 have been completed and submitted to the school’s office staff, they will provide you with the link to schedule a free background check appointment with JSD Human Resources (7387 S. Campus View Drive West Jordan, UT 84084).
  4. Take the “Volunteer Application Form” * that has been signed by a school administrator along with your state issued ID to JSD Human Resources to complete the background check.

These steps must be completed prior to volunteering in the classroom or attending classroom field trips. Thank you for your attention to these procedures to help ensure greater safety for our students.

Volunteers who have already completed the fingerprinting and background check will not need to do so again, but will need to watch the video and complete the two forms (steps 1 and 2) on an annual basis to remain on the approved volunteer list.

*Copies of these forms can be picked up from the school’s front office.