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  • Teachers provide targeted interventions to students needing extra help during the rotation times (M-TH)
  • Students who are reading below grade level receive 30 minutes of targeted skill building instruction by teachers and literacy assistants (M-F)
  • All students in K-3 and below level students in 4-6 have access to a program called Lexia Core 5 which provided engaging reading practice in fun ways. Students may utilize this program at home or at school. Here is a overview of the program for parents and families.
  • All students K-6 have access to Reflex Math, an engaging program that allows students to develop math fact fluency at school or from home.
  • Students who need additional accommodations to access grade level curriculum may reach out the school psychologist to discuss the possibility of creating a 504 plan.
  • Students who qualify for special education services will have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) created for them so they can received specialized instruction as needed.

Core Instruction for ALL!

  • Literacy - students will receive instruction on language comprehension and word recognition through programs such as Heggerty, Really Great Reading, and Journey's.
  • Science - students will receive instruction using the FOSS program.
  • Social Studies - teachers provide meaningful instruction based on grade level standards without the use of a specific program/resource. Here are some parent helps/resources.
  • Math - students receive core instruction using the Math Expressions resources. Here are some parent helps/resources.




Student Council

  • 4th-6th graders
  • Help with announcements, assemblies, recycling, service projects, etc.

Creative Dance/Mindfulness

  • Students will solidify academic concepts through creative movement
  • Students will learn mindfulness strategies
  • During school enrichment

Specialty Rotations (4 per week)

  • Music
  • Visual Art
  • STEM
  • PE
  • Library

Reflections (PTA)

  • Students can produce products in various categories based on the annual theme