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Tips for Improving Home Reading


Parent can sit next to child and read the book together

  • Take turns reading parts of the book side by side
  • Discuss story and periodically pause reading to discuss story and check comprehension.
  • Teach/practice tricky words/sounds

Parent can read the book beforehand so they can check for understanding of their child's independent practice 

  • Have child tell you about the story and characters
  • Ask them comprehension questions
  • See if they have any predictions for future chapters in the book
  • Have them read it out loud to you


Create a schedule/routine for regular home reading

  • Quiet and comfortable space
  • Don't forget to complete any required accountability trackers

Listen to an audio book while following along

  • Quiet and comfortable space
  • Check out from public libraries
  • Follow along (with/without finger)

Read a book to a younger sibling, pet or stuffed animal to practice fluency

  • Should be able to read independently
  • Can teach the reading strategies learned at school

Read books that interest them