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Walk to Read Skills/Strategies (K)

Kindergarten students are provided with targeted reading interventions from their teacher and grade level aides as needed in the areas listed below. Kindergarten teachers will send home a detailed report at the end of each quarter, outlining students' progress. They will communicate any areas of concern and send home ideas for how parents can help at home. You may also find these ideas by clicking on the links below:

Quarter 4 (Apr-May): How I Can I Help My Child At Home?

Reading Skills
  • Phonics: Identifying capital letters, lowercase letters, and letter sounds (short/long), digraph sounds (ch, sh, th, wh), can read CVC words (consonant vowel consonant)
  • Concepts of Print: Reads left to right, one to one matching, uses pictures to aid understanding, identifies sight words in text, sounds out CVC words, etc.
  • Phonemic Awareness: Recognizes beginning, middle and ending sounds, can blend sounds into words, can segment words into sounds, can recognize rhyming words
  • Fluency: Can name 56+ random letters in one minute
  • High Frequency Words: Reads 40+ sight words
  • Spelling: Spells CVC words correctly, can write a simple sentence containing CVC words and sight words